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"Clear Your Space...Clear Your Mind"
A new book by Linda J. Parks
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Spaces can stimulate us with their beauty, motivate us with their efficiency, or calm us with their color. But if you are in the midst of chaos — if your belongings are multiplying and holding you captive — how to begin can be daunting.

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“You have dramatically changed my life. I’m not joking. I’m cranking on some overdue projects, I’m more available to my children, I’m less stressed and I’m sleeping better!”

— Nancy Pochis Bank, MBA


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“Linda is an organizational wizard. All my files are clean and organized,  I have easy access to everything I need and my business became profitable for the first time. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

— Elizabeth Rosenthal,

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Enhance your personal & business spaces by:

Simplifying files
Redesigning spaces
Eliminating clutter
Organizing belongings
Facilitating moving
Staging real estate sales

plus Extreme Makeovers!

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Creating offices that inspire,
homes that invite.

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Linda J Parks is a Professional Organizer & Space Planner who has cleared the space of hundreds of clients in the Chicago area. She has been featured on both CBS and NBC Chicago television news.

Introducing a new book by
Linda J Parks

"Clear Your Space...
          Clear Your Mind"

A Life in the Day of a Professional Organizer

Sharing intimate stories of clients and herself,
while pursuing the mission of clearing the planet
one closet at a time.

Funny, poignant, touching & inspiring!

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